Electronic seals and padlocks for the control and location of fleets

They assure you integrity, real-time tracking, visibility and traceability of the load.

Electronic seal with bar lock

It is an autonomous geolocation unit that is placed on the asset to be controlled, its design has a manual and remote closing mechanism, which guarantees its comprehensive coverage for the protection of the load.

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Electronic Seal with Electronic Rope

The Table Electronic Monitoring Sealis a unit autonomous geolocation. Sits design has a flexible electronicloop with a manual and remote closing mechanismwhich allows interlocking the “asset” to be monitored, or the closing of the Canvas Truck or Isotank, thus guaranteeing the protection of the load.

electronic padlock

Autonomous geolocation device that is strategically installed in the mobile units and/or fixed assets to be monitored. Through wireless communications (GPRS – SATELLITE), they allow different key operating parameters to be reported in a Custom-designed digital dashboard, adapted to the specific requirements of the operation.

GPS devices for asset monitoring


  • GPS position.
  • Alerts and notifications of events via e-mail.
  • Engine on/off reports.
  • Reports of kms traveled, speed and direction.
  • Possibility of virtual satellite route tracing on the interactive map and “detour” notifications.
  • Possibility of setting ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival).
  • Generation of geofences and safe zones.
  • Vehicle power outage.
  • SOS button.
  • Cabin, door and semi-trailer sensors.
  • Customizable web and mobile dashboard.



  • The Termologger equipment allows measurements to be made and the parameters established for the merchandise or space monitored online to be displayed:
    • Environment temperature and humidity
    • Liquid and solid temperature
    • Carbon dioxide and other gases from the environment or inside the product
    • Measurement of light inside the container/van. (allows verifying history of measurements made for each indicator)
  • Status data report every 3 minutes.
  • Connection linkage range up to 100mts.
  • Configuration of alerts or notifications via email
  • Online visibility via platform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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